Fully Autonomous
And Decentralized

Proof-of-Liquidity Meets Hyper-Deflation
Unibomb V3 is Live


UniBomb is an ERC-20 token with unique properties and tokenomics
that are a culmination of other experimental Ethereum projects.

Liquid Bombs

All UniBombs were added as liquidity into Uniswap (Proof-of-Liquidity).

The UniBombs in this Liquidity Pool burn at a rate of 3% per day, updated each second.

Bomb Ignition

Bombs that are ready to be burned can be ignited any time by anyone in the Portal.

20% of the bombs are awarded to staking.
10% of the bombs are paid to the igniter.

Price Pressure

Uniswap pricing is determined by the ratio of tokens to Ether in the Liquidity Pool.

Burning UniBombs from the pool means less tokens for the same amount of ETH.

Unibomb Features